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Kathirikkai Karakkulambu/ Brinjal Karakkulambu -காரக்குழம்பு, வத்தக் குழம்பு என்ன வித்தியாசம்?

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வெந்தயம் வறுப்பது எப்படி?

வத்தக்குழம்பு பொடி+ வத்தக்குழம்பு

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  1. @sushmakumaran8953

    Madam, I enjoy making most of your recipes. Thank you for the videos. This I must try.
    Just bringing something to your attention.
    I have also been using your tamarind paste since long. I enjoyed the smooth paste which is easy to add to the gravies.
    Of late I think you do not have time to supervise. The paste is gritty and not a paste. It is as though it is soaked and cooked and put in containers. 1 tbsp of the paste when strained I get 1 tbsp of the residue. Just bringing it to your notice.
    My work is to now add water, boil and strain and store. This is not the 1st time. This could be only with mine!

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