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  1. Somnath Sinha

    Staff became arrogant,and started lieing, previously they used to be nice

    I stayed in Sunvally 4 times out of 5 times I visited OOTY as they used to be so customer friendly. Recently I called them for my 5th time booking and asked for some discounts as during my last visit (mid Nov 2016, just 2 months back) they could not provide me the room i book and provided a much smaller room, they assured me on my next visit they will give me some solid discount also thanked me for my co-operation. When I called them 4/5 days back they said they are providing me a rom which cost 6200 for only 4800, i was very happy but thought of checking online and found it cost only 4900 on their official website (if you book through other vendors and if you have some coupons you might get another 1200 discount which makes the room rent even lower) so they provided me only 100 rs discount against being so loyal customer and as a compensation of accomodating myseld and my parents in a much smaller room last time. When i replied to their email saying this, the response was very aggressive and very very hush, also they put the blem on me that for my comfort they shifted me to the alternate room and not because they have other gustes to acomodate. which i felt is very insulting. I am attaching the screenshots of the email as a proof. The owner used to to be a very humble person and when I asked for his contact number they simpley dont provide that. So they know that they are wrong but wont accept it.

    I regret being so loyal to this establishment. I am one of the oldest customer of this place and reffered hundreds of my friends here most of them actually stayed here.

    Anywan be aware of the facts before you visit.

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