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Pork Masala @ Shinkows, Ooty, Tamil Nadu

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Pork Masala.. The succulent and juicy pork prepared in the indian style with curry leaves!!

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  1. tralala

    Hey there. Thanks for starting this channel as I do think India needs their own set of food vloggers, not from a very patriotic point of view, but from a like minded meat lovers perspective. But I really do think you should include the name of the restaurant and the place where it is situated in the description. It would be nicer if you can provide some kind of an instruction about how to reach the restaurant as well. Because the main reason for me to watch this video was to find out where I can get to eat this. But unfortunately, that vital information is completely missing. However, do keep up the work. Cheers!

    1. The Indian Carnivore

      Hi. thank you for the update.. this is one of our old videos.. We had not improved by then and were on our way to experimenting.. We would request you to check out our new videos. they have the information there..

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