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Delicious Traditional Recipe of Toda Tribes || Tribal Cuisines || Ooty Special – Part 3

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Delicious Traditional Recipe of Toda Tribes/Dining With The Todas – The Nilgiris Original Inhabitants

Ingredients Othidvar/Urunda sappad:

1. Rice
2. Salt
3. Buttermilk

Ingredients Tashvirg/Chutney:

1. Grated Coconut
2. Tomatoes
3. Garlic
4. Coriander seeds
5. Red Chili
6. Fresh coriander leaves
7. salt

Grind the chillies and coriander seeds with buttermilk until a smooth paste. Roast a tomato whole, until it releases water and then cool and add to the paste along with fresh coriander. Add salt and garlic to the paste and grind well.

Toda tribe is the most ancient and unusual tribe of Nilgiri Hills of Tamilnadu. Their livelihood is mainly by producing milk products. Unlike most tribes all over the world, they were strictly non-violent and vegetarian. Their physical and social aberrancy can also be seen in the way they dress, their hairstyle and language.

Toda tribes are vegetarians. Rice is the main food which is eaten with diary and curries.

Othidvar/ Urunda sappad is made with rice is the traditional recipe of Toda tribe. Rice is soaked in water for 2hrs and then cooked traditionally in firewood. Mix buttermilk with cooked rice and for this they use wooden spatula known as "putt" . Don't drain the excess water from rice.

Once rice is cooked it should be served in bronze plate and with wet hand give a nice mound shape. Then make a crater in the rice, top this with chutney made of coconut, tomatoes, garlic, chili, and coriander seeds known as "Tashvirg". And again top it with homemade butter made from Buffalo milk.

Really nice taste along with the flavour of fresh homemade butter.

Be Healthy & Beautiful.

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