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Good Shepherd International School – A different school of thought, a school with a difference ! Contact: +91 423 2550 371 / 071 Fax : +91 423 2550 386
Email : info@gsis.ac.in www.gsis.ac.in

Direction: Femin Pamplany
Cinematography: Ravindra Kampli, Bharath Parashuram
Script: Smitha Prakash
Editing: Pradeep Nayak
Music: Mahadevan S
Computer Graphics: Meiding Singh
Production House: AGNI FILMS – www.agnifilms.com

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  1. Dharesh M

    All these school ads hide the reality that is going on in the background. My school ad does the same and oh boy oh boy is is so far from the dark truth. It’s a good school but not as good as they say in the video. Check with parents or students to know what is actually going on.

    Have a very interesting day 😃

  2. Ashok Eapen

    “Those who know how to eat well “should” know how to cook too” !!!!!. Are there any hygienic toilets for an emergency & how’s it maintained???? !!!!! or is this glittering world round there

    1. SpreadLoveNotHate

      Archisha Mazumdar Mobile phones aren’t allowed,but students can talk with their parents if needed using school phones. Most students are Indian but all nationalities are welcomed,there are many students from neighbouring countries like China. There’s a wide menu-vegetarian and non vegetarian,Indian,continental,everything is fresh and healthy. Hope this helped.

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