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BEST PLACE for FOOD shopping – The Beautiful town of Ooty 🇮🇳

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We are stuck in Istanbul.. The Corona Virus has us cornered.. So let's head to Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India
Filmed before we arrived in Turkey👍
AN INDIAN WET MARKET in The Beautiful town of Ooty. We love the wet markets and always take a wander around whenever we get the chance. 👍
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MOST AMAZING Chinese Wet Market 🇨🇳

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  1. Steve Owens

    This was filmed in the Hill Station Town of Ooty India, before we came to Turkey and before the current issues.
    When I used to film in Wet markets in Mexico, Italy, Vietnam and China the response was positive. Lately the words “Wet Market” are spat out with disgust by news presenters around the world. It’s a shame because wet markets are just, wet goods markets or perishables as apposed to dry goods, such a clothing, electronics and the likes.
    Although the market in China blamed for this out break was an unpleasant “Wildlife Market” because it was within a Wet Market, all Wet Markets are being tarred with the same views. I have been to China many times and there are many millions of Wet Markets, it is as rare as Hens Teeth to find one that sells wildlife as food. I totally agree these wild life traders need shutting down but to be angry towards Wet Markets is foolish at best. It should be noted, that the USA company WALMART operate many indoor Wet Markets in China and like most they are no different from other open markets around the world.


      Thats my home town and we buy meat with who you shook hand at last in the beef market… living in ghana now… but sooo excited to see where we purchased almost everything… thankyou steve…

    2. Becky Johnstone

      Thank you for taking the time to educate us. We’ve been told the wet market in China sold wild game. Apparently some thought all wet market sold wild game or that is all they sold. I’ve enjoyed shopping the wet markets in Japan. So much more enjoyable than Walmart in the US. They are more like the farmer’s markets in the US where you buy more locally produced food from the family that produced it. Keep educating us.

  2. ngatiramona

    Loved the water dispenser idea, wish we had that in New Zealand. Beautiful friendly people, and very interesting and a fun look at Ooty wet market Educational and full of heart. Keep safe, lotsa love to you and our darling Michelle.🥰🥰❤💜

  3. Tom Shem

    Hi Steve, another great job… My thoughts regarding the “negative’ connotation that the “west” puts on the term ‘wet market’ is mostly disgusting and racist… yet if you were to call it a ‘farmer’s market’ you’d have a whole different set of positive attitudes layered in… I daresay the veg, fruits, etc you find in the market there hasn’t half the pesticides, antibiotics, and preservatives which are contaminating the same in a mega-mart in the west… I love the markets over there (Singapore, Asia, India, etc), far more variety for much cheaper… It won’t last a month in the frig, but then again, it’s not supposed to..

    1. Steve Owens

      Indeed Tom but historically your farmers Markets in the West are and were a “wet goods markets” The problem is not and never was these markets, it’s the deplorable Media, with their endless need to propagate fear.

  4. petri784

    I’m not sure why but I thought this was live video from you guys. 😂 None the less, I still enjoyed the video. As always, that’s for sharing and see you and Michelle in the next video! Have a great day/night.

    1. petri784

      Steve Owens, it wasn’t. I just saw something with red print and assumed it said live. The more I watched the video I was like, “Wait a minute, they were in Turkey, how did they get back to India.” I eventually worked it out. 😂

  5. Michael Ellard

    Love seeing these markets .A wonderful way of life and a great experience to have. I do enjoy visiting similar in Europe which are not as varied. Very friendly people. The smell must be fantastic. I would shop everyday if I had vegetables and seasoning as fresh. .

  6. Z W

    That was a beautiful clean market. I wish there was one like that nearby us. Lexington Market in Baltimore is the closest. Of course, there are plenty of the smaller and much touted local markets that people rush to buy from them and know nothing about the history of what they are buying. None are half as nice as the Ooty market. If only people knew a little about their food history. A couple of generations ago we all went to real fresh markets like that one.

    1. Z W

      @Steve Owens Quickly, after butchering, meats and even fish develop a pellicle. You see it on your own skin when you get a scrape. It is hard and flies and pests cannot penetrate it. That is why the meat can sit out like that, Everyone is into dry aging. Well dry aging takes advantage of pellicle formation to allow the meat to be sealed. Best was the variety and freshness of the produce, gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing and keep doing it! Everyone to their own taste, said the old lady as she kissed the cow!

    2. Steve Owens

      Indeed and It’s great to hear people talk with open and thinking minds, You’ll see other comments saying things such as “Filthy and dirty places” how the narrow minded are so easily herded into repeating “fox news etc.” narrative without developing their own ability to think.

  7. June Cosgrove

    Yes, I can hear the excitement in your voice and your smiling shows your appreciation of colorful cultures. Markets are exciting destinations in vacation plans.My husband loved them and he enjoyed shopping. Thanks for this Steve.

  8. Chris Hereford

    Hi Steve, Congratulations on another job well done! Michelle, you deserve credit too, because without your help it wouldn’t have been possible! The movie, ‘ A Passage to India’ was taken in Ooty. ‘St. Thomas’ Church’ was featured in that movie. You ought to watch that movie, while you are in lockdown in Turkey. It was taken in a time, when Ooty was still unspoiled. Your visit to St. Stephen’s Church, was full of memories for me, as that’s my home church, where I was christened, and baptised. I wish there was someone there to have shown you around the church, as you missed out on ‘a lot.’ There’s a beautiful British Cemetery behind the church, which definitely begs a visit. You could have easily spent an hour there without realising it. My mom stays a few hundred metres away from the church, and had I known you and Michelle before this, I could have got you a stay at her place, with beautiful home cooked food! So much for next time! You must plan a trip again, we’ll help to make it worth your while! God bless, and do keep the lovely videos coming. Don’t hesitate on putting them up, because you’re actually adding value to things most of us take for granted. Have a lovely stay in Istanbul, we’ll catch up again on Sunday! Steve, that mouldy seed you were looking at is, ‘Cotton seed’, and the local farmers use it to feed their cows. The things you thought were Pasta, actually weren’t. They are like a savory, which needs to be deep fried, and used as an accompaniment, with a meal of rice and curry! The local term used for them is ‘Papadam.’

    1. Chris Hereford

      @Steve Owens Thank you Steve and Michele, for the speedy reply. I’m restoring an old motorcycle I own, and am doing my best to stay happy and positive during this lockdown. Lots of love from India. God bless! Comments from you always make my day!

    2. Steve Owens

      Hi Chris, that is the most wonderful comment I have read in a while, I really wish I could go back and re live that day with you words in my ear. It would have been a pleasure to meet you family and I now wish I had bumped into someone at the St. Stephen’s.
      I actually will see if we can watch that Movie by the way and oh how I chuckled when I read about the pasta.. of course, I should have known.. How funny.
      Take good care of yourself.
      Best wishes from Turkey.
      Steve and Michele

  9. Susie Thomas

    It’s beautiful, but I would feel claustrophobic and overwhelmed. I can’t imagine so much food! Do they sell it all before it goes bad? The people seem very friendly! What an experience!

  10. ed Straker

    ‘Looking for booty in Ooty. A wet market run.’ There’s your title, Steve. FYI – They used to make chewing gum from the sap of that pear flavoured fruit you were eating. I believe it’s called a chiku. I know it as a sawo. I like them when they’re ripe. Loved the walk around. Thank you.

  11. B̤̈r̤̈ṳ̈m̤̈ä̤ï̤c̤̈ä̤n̤̈ gуαl87

    It looks so beautiful where you are hope you are both enjoying the journey its just a shame minimal things are very limited such as handshakes and being with social distance as well but so thankful you take the time to show us your magnificent journeys Steve .
    also had another Youtuber from Australia said its pretty bad where she is she keeps up to date with everything.

    Here in the UK still get the odd ambulance and panic as well. I was super emotional yesterday but I’m okay now were still 🙏 for a miracle and remaining thankful for loved ones but mourn for the ones who lost their lives during this pandemic. But sharing my love and support to everyone hope you are both keeping healthy and safe where you are. Xoxo

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